Detroit Vehicle Odor Removal

We offer odor removal service to  auto dealerships and rent a car companies  . We permanently eliminate the toughest vehicle interior and the A/C system odors. If you have tobacco, cigar, marijuana, vapes, pet, mildew, and more.

Simple can be better.   odorzX system is a simple solution that works better than the more complex odor control processes.  Add to that, this is a 100% natural solution .

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Ride Share/Rental cars need to smell consistently fresh and clean. When a vehicle is returned with a bad odor the next customer will likely find it offensive.  odorz X make it possible to eliminate the odor quickly and efficiently and return the car into inventory.

odorz X completely eliminate odors such as cigar/cigarette smoke, musty smells , pets and food which have been left in the vehicle.

A car with a bad odor can be very unpleasant and may cause a customer to go to a competitor the next time they need a vehicle .  Don’t run the risk of losing a customer because of an odor which can be easily and quickly eliminated.


We are mobile and bring our  process to you and  permanently destroy:

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