House Odor Removal

Main Causes Of House Odor In San Diego California

Cigarettes. Mold. Pets. Urine. Pests.

We specialize in eliminating persistent and troublesome odors from homes throughout the region. Our expert team uses advanced technology and proven techniques to ensure your home smells fresh and inviting. With our dedicated service, you can enjoy a clean and healthy living environment in beautiful San Diego.

We will find the source of the smell, whether it be your pet or their urine and will disinfect the source and your home. Every moment spent in your Southern California home is impacted by the constant presence of whatever is making the odor, and if you don’t investigate its cause it could represent a serious threat to the health of you and your family. Professional odor removal in San Diego California  can help you regain your home and increase your home’s air quality.

Common Household Odors We Eliminate

Pet Odors

Pets are a cherished part of the family, but they can sometimes leave behind unpleasant smells. Our pet odor removal services effectively eliminate urine, dander, and other pet-related odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Smoke Odors

Smoke odors from cigarettes, cigars, or fireplaces can linger and penetrate surfaces. Our smoke odor removal services target the source of the smell, using advanced techniques to completely eliminate it.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew not only cause unpleasant odors but can also pose health risks. Our mold and mildew odor removal services address both the smell and the underlying issue, ensuring a safe and healthy home.

Cooking Odors

Cooking delicious meals can sometimes leave behind stubborn odors. Our cooking odor removal services neutralize these smells, leaving your kitchen and home smelling pleasant.

General Household Odors

Everyday activities can contribute to a buildup of odors in your home. Our comprehensive house odor removal services tackle general household smells, from musty odors to lingering fragrances, ensuring a fresh living space.

Areas We Serve in San Diego

San Diego House Odor Removal proudly serves the entire San Diego area, including:

No matter where you are located in San Diego, our house odor removal experts are ready to help you achieve a fresh and clean home environment.



How Does ODORZX Infectious Disease Disinfection and Sanitizing Services Work?

Our disinfection and sanitizing services are set up to provide safe and synergistic cleaning. Our processes include the disinfection and removal of hazardous contaminants, ensuring our disinfection and sanitizing methods are much more effective than regular maid cleaning methods.

  • Treatment of all direct and most indirect reachable surfaces of buildings
  • Disinfection of affected equipment, disinfection of (HVAC)systems
  • Fogging to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria

Benefits of our Disinfecting and Sanitizing Methods

  • Kills 99.99% Pathogens Including Gram-Negative Bacteria (E Coli), Gram-Positive Bacteria (eg. MRSA), Viruses (Norovirus), Fungi, etc.
  • Reduces Risk of Infection
  • Reduces Downtime By 75%
  • Helps Prevent Cross-Contamination
  • Meets CDC Guidelines
  • Safe and Effective Practice
  • No Harmful Residue

Frequently Asked Odor Removal Questions

Q :  What are the common causes of house odors?

A : Common causes of house odors include pet urine and dander, mold and mildew, smoke from cigarettes or fireplaces, cooking smells, garbage, and spills or stains on carpets and upholstery.

Q : Can you remove cooking odors from a home?

A: Yes, our treatment removes virtually any sort of cooking odors, such as curry or seafood, from a home

Q : How can I identify the source of an odor in my home?

A : To identify the source of an odor, start by inspecting common problem areas like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and any areas where pets frequent. Check for spills, leaks, mold growth, and places where moisture accumulates. Sometimes professional help is needed to pinpoint elusive odor sources.

Q : Are the products used for odor removal safe for my family and pets?

A : Yes, Our odor removal services use eco-friendly and non-toxic products that are safe for both your family and pets.

Q : How long does the odor removal process take?

A : The duration of the odor removal process depends on the severity and source of the odor. Minor odors may be eliminated in a few hours, while more persistent or severe odors may take several days to fully remove.

Q : Can I remove odors myself, or do I need professional help?

A : While there are many DIY methods for removing odors, persistent or severe odors often require professional intervention. We have specialized equipment and expertise to effectively eliminate odors at their source.

Q: What methods do professionals use to remove odors?

A : Professionals use a variety of methods, including ozone treatment, thermal fogging, hydroxyl generators, and specialized cleaning agents. The method chosen depends on the type and severity of the odor.

Q : Will the odor come back after treatment?

A : If the source of the odor is properly addressed and removed, the odor should not return. However, if the source of the odor remains or reoccurs, the smell can come back. Preventive measures and maintenance are crucial to ensure long-lasting results.

Q: How much does professional odor removal cost?

A : The cost of professional odor removal varies based on factors such as the size of the area, the severity of the odor, and the methods used.

Q : We had an animal die in our home. Can you treat that smell?

A : Yes, any organic smell, including those of deceased animals or human waste, can be treated with our treatment process. In order to eliminate the odor, the original cause of the odor and any remaining organic material must be first removed prior to treatment.

Q: Does ODORZX offer any tips on odor removal ? 

A : Yes  please follow the link avoid the odor

Q : Is odor removal covered by homeowners insurance?

A : Homeowners insurance may cover odor removal if the odor is the result of a covered peril, such as fire or water damage. It’s important to check with your insurance provider to understand your policy’s coverage.

Q : How can I prevent odors from returning?

A : To prevent odors from returning, maintain regular cleaning routines, ensure proper ventilation, address spills and leaks promptly, use air purifiers, and clean or replace filters in HVAC systems regularly. For pet odors, ensure regular grooming and clean-up.



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