Are you faced with an odor you cannot remove? Whether it’s in a house, apartment, car or hotel we have an amazing system that removes offensive odors with ease. ODORZX offers an extremely effective service while maintaining a safe environment for our customers. When we combine our products and services we can get rid of the toughest of odors. The most common odors our revolutionary system removes is from pets, cigarettes, Cannabis, mildew and spoiled food.

Disinfecting and Odor Removal Scottsdale

Our odor removal specialists have the process down to a science. We will be in and out of your home or business in no time. Vehicles treatment takes one hour an half , and odors can be permanently eliminated from most homes and businesses overnight, minimizing the disruption to your home or downtime at your business.

If you are an Apartment Manager, Real-estate Agent, Property Manager, Hotel Manager, Used Car Dealer we have the answer to your question....”How do I get rid of that ODOR?”

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A foul smell at your Scottsdale business could be costing you money regarding lost customers. If you’re like many who’ve spent countless hours and money trying to eliminate odors, only to have them return, you now have an effective and affordable solution.

We have been able to successfully remove odors in places such as: homes, trucks, autos, boats, athletic locker rooms, dorm rooms.

We Are Currently Offering Scottsdale, AZ Residents All Odor Removal Services Including

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Cooking fire
  • Cooking odors
  • Fire smoke smells
  • Tobacco smells
  • Mildew & mold odor
  • Cannabis odor
  • Pet odors (cat, dog, other pets)
  • Urine odor(cat urine, dog urine, etc.)
  • Smoke and fire damage

When you need effective Scottsdale disinfecting  odor removal services, call ODORZX  888-406-0795 

Avoid the spread of coronavirus, colds and flus, viruses, fungus, and bacteria all year long and inquire today about one-time  or recurring disinfecting services.

ODORZX provides Corona Sanitizing  and disinfection Services. We also have prepared a dedicated team of Covid-19 disinfecting who have been trained in a special disinfection and sanitization process to get complete rid of Coronavirus. We will do complete corona disinfection and sanitization of your Scottsdale office or property, including everything from floors, doors, door handles, window sills, kitchens, bathrooms, and more, to ensure your family, as well as workers, stay safe against the Corona outbreak. The COVID-19 virus spreads at a very fast rate, so do not take any chances with the life/health of your family and employees.

How Does ODORZX Infectious Disease Disinfection and Sanitizing Services Work?

Our disinfection and sanitizing services are set up to provide safe and synergistic cleaning. Our processes include the disinfection and removal of hazardous contaminants, ensuring our disinfection and sanitizing methods are much more effective than regular maid cleaning methods.

  • Treatment of all direct and most indirect reachable surfaces of buildings
  • Disinfection of affected equipment, disinfection of (HVAC)systems
  • Fogging to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria

Benefits of our Disinfecting and Sanitizing Methods

  • Kills 99.99% Pathogens Including Gram-Negative Bacteria (E Coli), Gram-Positive Bacteria (eg. MRSA), Viruses (Norovirus), Fungi, etc.
  • Reduces Risk of Infection
  • Reduces Downtime By 75%
  • Helps Prevent Cross-Contamination
  • Meets CDC Guidelines
  • Safe and Effective Practice
  • No Harmful Residue

Odor Removal Near Me

Scottsdale odor removal

Your Scottsdale Arizona Residential and Commercial Odor Removal Services

Nobody like having an annoying odor in your home, office, or car, which can make dealing with the restoration of the damage that caused the odor an even more aggravating process. To take care of this, call the experts at ODORZX. A Scottsdale Arizona odor removal specialist from our team will come to you location remove the odor from the source and make sure there is no trace left over, allowing you to breathe free again.

Scottsdale Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can ODORZX remove all odors from my car? Most odors can be removed.
  • I just had my car detailed by someone else but the odor is still present. Can you helpYes . If the odor is still present after it has been cleaned, then the source is still present. Therefore, we would have to start from the beginning to make sure everything is cleaned properly.
  • Do you have to replace my cabin air filter? Yes. It is recommended to replace this filter since you will be using your heater/air-conditioner at times. If you turn on the AC after having your car treated, then all that smoke odor trapped in your air filter will go back into your car.
  • Can ODORZX remove all mold and mildew? Yes, but sometimes the replacement of interior items is necessary. It’s common for a flooded car to require new carpet padding. Moldy seat belts cannot be cleaned, and must be replaced.
  • Can I clean up urine and food spills with a simple shampoo? No. Shampooing wets the area and allows bacteria to spread deeper into carpet and seat padding. Urine and food spills should be treated and cleaned with other processes.
  • How much does it cost to remove odors from my car? Odors are caused by bacteria and ODORZX must perform a hands-on evaluation of the vehicle /home to determine the source of the odor and degree of contamination. After diagnosing the problem, ODORZX  is able to determine how to best re mediate the problem and eliminate the odor.
  • Does ODORZX use an ozone machine? ODORZX has many types of equipment for treating odors including ozone machines. An Ozone machine cannot remove odors from a vehicle’s ,homes or business without first removing the source of the odor.