Car Rental Interior Cleaning Package

Car Rental Interior Cleaning Package

Rental Car interior cleaning and odor removal is a challenge because of all the places the odor can hide. Underseats, carpet, upholstery, and headliner.  Body odor, garbage, pet urine, cigarette smoke,vomit, milk spills  and food odor all contribute to rental car odor.

OdorzX  is offering odor elimination services for rental cars companies to permanently remove the odor at the molecular level.


Interior Shampoo & Spot Removal

Use our car interior services for cleaning seats, carpets, mats, doors, dash & console and headliner. Interior car detailing services include interior shampoo with our specially formulated cleaner and state of the art car interior techniques preserve and protect your interior.


  • Odor Eliminator Service

Use our odor Eliminator  services to remove tobacco, fire damage, food and milk spills, mold, mildew, urine, and pet deposits. Odor removal is done with our highly specialized professional products to get it right.


Car Rental Interior Cleaning Package available  in Los Angeles , Orange County , San BernardinoSan Diego  and Palm Springs  California .
We Treat Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Automobiles , Motor Homes and Boats against bad odors, Against any bad smell, Pet Odor, Mildew Odor, Cigarette Smoke Odor.
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