Ladera Ranch Disinfection

We know you are doing your best to reduce the spread of germs in your business.. We are here to help provide an added layer of safety to your customers and staff. Based upon your individual needs, we can set up a disinfecting maintenance schedule or a one-time visit. Each time we come, you will have the peace of knowing all the high-touch areas in your business has been thoroughly disinfected by professionals.

Corona virus is a new challenge for businesses around the world. We do not claim we’re experts in finding disinfection solutions for tackling that specific problem. What we do claim is that since 2000 we have worked with hundreds of commercial customers, supporting them in getting the best odor removal services for their business.

We have experience working with both small, single-location businesses, as well as multinational companies. We are your single point of contact in all matters related to sanitization and odor removal services. No matter what is the scale of your problem, we can help you. Even if you need to sanitize a large portfolio of retail outlets, multiple offices in different Southern California cities, a factory floor in a remote location or several short-term rental properties, we are here for you. contact us via email , and we will get back to you  as soon a we can (usually within a few hours)

Call today 888-406-0795 for Disinfection for your business in Ladera Ranch or contact us via email

Electrostatic Facility Disinfection together with UVC Disinfection

This deep facility cleaning will consist of a combination of hand wiping and/or utilizing an electrostatic sprayer to apply a disinfectant/solution that is EPA registered for use against the cause of COVID-19 to accessible targeted surfaces. These surfaces could consist of hard surfaces, furniture, equipment, etc.

Accessible Objects (e.g. Medical equipment, Computers, Documents and electronics) will be disinfected utilizing a mobile UVC Light Handheld Wand.

Based on CDC Guidelines, particular attention will be given to:

  • Workstations
  • Counter tops
  • Doorknobs/Handles
  • Elevator/Buttons
  • Security Card Readers
  • Faucets
  • Escalator handrails

Schools and universities COVID-19 disinfection

With students going back to school across Southern California  many institutions, public and private, are engaging COVID-19 disinfection professionals to sanitize classrooms, playgrounds and common areas.

Retail Outlet Sanitization Ladera Ranch

Proper sanitization & disinfection of high-traffic retail outlets is a top priority of owners and managers who truly care about their customers and employees. The work can be performed using a number of methods, appropriate for the type of merchandise you carry.

Short Term Rental Property Disinfection

In the times of COVID-19 guests are particularly concerned with the cleanliness of the property they rent. The usual cleaning methods do not always work with viruses, and you may need to employ more powerful approaches.

We can arrange the professional sanitization & disinfection services for your rental property.

Office Space Sanitization

An office is a place where your employees should be productive and do their best. This is not possible, when they are concerned about their health.

Investment in a professional disinfection & sanitization is something that every business owner and manager should consider

Benefits of our Disinfecting and Sanitizing Methods

  • Kills 99.99% Pathogens Including Gram-Negative Bacteria (E Coli), Gram-Positive Bacteria (eg. MRSA), Viruses (Norovirus), Fungi, etc.
  • Reduces Risk of Infection
  • Reduces Downtime By 75%
  • Helps Prevent Cross-Contamination
  • Meets CDC Guidelines
  • Safe and Effective Practice
  • No Harmful Residue

Our Disinfection Process

Our team of professionals will follow a pre-determined checklist consistent with CDC recommendations and guidelines.

We recommend utilizing our services as a proactive measure like many of our clients have already done. However, we understand that many positive test results are popping up throughout the state.