Electrostatic Disinfection Los Angeles

We service many Los Angeles businesses including but not limited:

Electrostatic Surface Disinfectant Spraying Treatments For:

✅Kills viral, bacterial and fungal infections in addition to Coronavirus, TB, C. Difficile and biofilm.
✅Disinfects more square feet in less time and minimizes labor cost and product waste.
✅ Eliminates human error and cross contamination from microfiber towel to surface.

FAQ about Electrostatic Disinfection

What is electrostatic disinfection?

Electrostatic technology is the newest innovation in disinfecting. What makes it superior is the ability to completely wrap around any surface, providing 100% disinfecting coverage. The technology works like powder coat paint where the disinfectant particles are charged and then are attracted to the opposite charge on surfaces. The disadvantage to misting or fogging is the disinfectant solution is sprayed and simply falls wherever gravity pulls it down. So, it will not provide the same amount of coverage, especially the undersides of surfaces and inside crevices.

What is the price?

It depends on square footage.

When should I have this service performed?