Auto Blood Clean Up Los Angeles

Professional Auto Blood Clean Up Services in Los Angeles, CA

We offer blood cleanup, decontamination & disinfection of any type of automobile, from first responder automobiles to public transit, law enforcement, commercial, , personal automobile and anything with wheels throughout the Los Angeles area.


We clean and disinfect automobiles involved in homicides or serious car accidents. The process of properly cleaning a vehicle can be as simple as high temperature steam cleaning of the fabrics and hard surfaces or, as complex as, disassembling the interior and replacing numerous vehicle components. Each job is unique and must be evaluated by one of our properly trained technicians before the extent of damage can be determined. Auto insurance will typically cover the cost of cleaning as well as replacement of damaged components.

The cost of blood clean up in cars can vary dramatically from situation to situation, Until we can see the situation, it is difficult for us to assess the severity and provide an accurate cost estimate.

Vehicles with heavy blood saturation will need to be brought to our facility where we can dismantle necessary components, clean underneath carpet & padding and disinfect all involved areas. Smaller blood spills can be cleaned by our mobile auto decontamination unit at your location.


Whether you have a major blood spill ODORZX Blood Clean up can help! Let us come to you and get you back on the road in a clean, sanitary, and safe automobile ! Call us today at

Our Services

Comprehensive Blood Clean Up

Our auto blood clean-up services include:

  • Blood and Bodily Fluid Removal: Safe and thorough removal of all blood and bodily fluids from your vehicle.
  • Sanitization and Decontamination: Using hospital-grade disinfectants to sanitize and decontaminate all affected areas.
  • Odor Removal: Complete elimination of any lingering odors associated with blood and bodily fluids.
  • Interior Restoration: Cleaning and restoring all interior surfaces, including seats, carpets, and upholstery.


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