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We can  treat these difficult applications.  We use the same product that is slightly adjusted for maximum results per target problem.

INSECT CONTROL with DECONTAMINATION:  More than an extraordinary ability to kill all forms of arthropods, including bedbugs, scorpions, beetles, ants, cockroaches, and fleas.  Our no-chemical-residue treatment neutralizes insect feces; and destroys the many types of pathogens insects and their waste bring into your home.  This treatment also destroys insect eggs.  While offering a highly effective decontamination process, it seems a huge benefit that the treatment will kill insects, sanitize, and not increase the toxic bioload because of the service.

Fire and Flood present a complex set of decontamination or remediation challenges.  Heavily embedded odors can literally last for years after a fire.  Smoke odor is also combined with chemicals and debris coating all surface as soot.  Floods also introduce foul water, bacteria, leaked chemicals.  And, mold can quickly colonize in 48-96 hours causing as much damage as the flood.  Use our our product to treat all areas and that target all areas once cleaning process has cleared the damaged areas.

Medical buildings, treatment centers, and nursing homes need a safe, yet powerful, sanitizing service with a high log kill.  Medical and treatment centers must also consider the secondary threats chemical use around vulnerable patients.  Kills superbugs as well.  We have a special  product that will safely destroy the worst bacteria and virus threats at the DNA level for a complete kill.  Our sanitizing process is efficient, destroys an extremely broad spectrum of biological threats, and pathogens cannot develop an immunity to our products.

Mold Remediation often requires proactive measures to prevent the spread of mold spores while eliminating the mold infestation.  Our multi-application product not only kills mold and also destroys mold spores.  The odorzX Decon product leave a mold stat that inhibits mold for 1-3 years after treatment.  Pre-treat for worker safety, fog/spray molded areas, and do a final air sweep to provide a whole house treatment that will pass the post-inspection requirements.   reduce the need for unfriendly chemicals, and improve worker safety.

Veterinary, pet day care, animal shelters, and pet boarding facilities can experience problems on many levels: odors, infectious disease, urine and feces cleanups.  odorzX Decon has the perfect solution that will not harm pets while providing an easy-to-apply sanitizing program with a fogging unit.  our process takes only minutes to apply the product that reverts to simple water and oxygen after the sanitizing process.   will destroy odors and well as the worst infectious diseases.  And, it can be applied daily with a minimum of area interruption.

Drug House Decontamination   You know that every surface has been treated because the foam stays in place for several minutes as it neutralizes the chemical contaminants.  Odors and contaminants are can be treated upon entry, and more intensely once the pre-treatment has been done.  .  Final testing can be done by a third party to assure full compliance for health concerns.

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